6 June unii live in Tokyo,Japan

6月6日(金)Ftarri 水道橋,Tokyo
午後7時開場、7時30分開演、料金 2,000円

出演 Carl Stone 、black zenith (Singapore) & 村田直哉、unii

113-0033 文京区本郷1-4-11 岡野ビル地下一階


の内線 / 南北線後楽園駅・本郷三丁目駅徒歩8分


"Ore" Ambient Music and Video Art in Sapporo,Japan

"Ore" Ambient Music and Video Art in Sapporo,Japan
visual: Omi
@Hammock bace cafe


unii interview : def-n SUB Webzine

Int’l Scene: Unii, Pretty Noise From Japan
A beautiful voice gets along with flowing ambient in the dark lighten tone. Sometimes it can make feeling so chill. Sometimes it sounds like a creepy echo
It’s Unii, a girl behind all the great ambient sounds. She has a lot of experiences to share. Choosing a minimal music to tell her story. Yes, it works! She has tour in Indonesia and Kuala Lumpur on last days. Some new stories happen and voila!