"unii & un escargot vide?" Bangkok, Thailand, 4 May 2013

at museum Hat shop & Cafe

Please join our special summer event “Kagaku Hannou” from the 2nd- 4th May
at “Museum”, located in a private house in Ekkamai soi 4 surrounded by a lovely tropical garden.

The “Kagaku Hannou” event
– meaning lots of “chemistry” will introduce various artists from all over the world
and act as a creative space where the artists
will do life performances mixing music, video, photography, fashion and graffiti art. 

During the event, I will prepare a special menu and cocktails.
Guests will also have the opportunity to buy special painted hats by Shoko and Saka and many more souvenirs
will be available!
We would be delighted to welcome you at this special summer event
and are very much looking forward to seeing you very soon! 

Duration of the event 2013/5/2 – 5/4
Exhibitions, drawing wall
Stencil workshop will be held

-PARTY 2013/5/3 15:00 ~ ENTRANCE FREE!!!!
-AFTER PARTY 2013/5/4

Stencil Work Shop 2013/5/4 15:00~17:00 

Location:Museum Hat Shop Cafe